Pedicure tools

If you have problems with coarse, hyperkeratotic skin, look for a foot grater. Are you not sure what professional pedicure tools you may need? A toe separator will be great when polishing nails. It will enable you to separate toes conveniently which facilitates polish application.

The professional pedicure accessories include a nail file which will give a desired shape to the nail plate. Look for a 180/240 grade model. The file shape can be chosen based on your preferences. The polishing block, clippers, disposable spatulas or a pusher are indispensable accessories in any pedicure parlour. What is more, buy any cosmetics and different polish colours.

How to choose pedicure drill bits?

Looking for pedicure tools, pay attention to professional, highly precise ceramic drill bits. They are made from zirconium oxide which gives them high resistance to cracking, bending and compression. Ceramic drill bits will ensure perfect shape of your nails.

The presented pedicure accessories will reach any places hard to reach effectively. Thanks to them, you can ensure supreme quality of the procedure.


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