Nail and hand disinfectants

The offer of nail and hand disinfectants includes a liquid which stops bleeding, a liquid for hygienic and surgical hand disinfection and a bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal product for hygienic and surgical hand disinfection. Such agents act instantaneously and eliminate any bacteria, fungi and viruses in 30 seconds. They can be used before and after the procedure. Their natural ingredients, including e.g. lanolin, counteract delicate hand skin drying as the hand disinfectants are mostly composed of alcohol. When small wounds occur during a procedure, e.g. when you remove cuticles, it is worth using a product which stops bleeding. A tiny bottle with a convenient applicator makes it easier to apply the product. The product moisturizes and kills bacteria while aloe soothes and promotes wound healing.

Tool and surface disinfectants

Another category comprises tool and surface disinfectants. They are addressed primarily to owners or employees of beauty parlors, hairdressers’, SPA and barbers. A surface disinfectant spray is an alcohol-based product. It can be used even in places difficult to reach and corners where fast and effective disinfection is required. The liquid can be used on small surfaces, including tools and all sorts of equipment in the parlor. The tool disinfectant in the form of a convenient spray can be easily applied locally. It is designed for contact disinfection of all external surfaces. The product eliminates any bacteria, viruses and fungi effectively. It should not be rinsed off but left to dry.

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