Foot graters and files: indispensable pedicure accessories

A foot grater will cope with any hyperkeratosis, dead skin and callouses. You can use them dry and wet. Foot graters are safe and convenient to use thanks to which they do not cause any irritations. They have a practical, ergonomic handle which makes it easier to use them.

A metal foot grater captivates the eye with its careful, aesthetic finish. You can use it not only in a beauty parlour, but also at home. The professional foot grater is made from high-quality material which is easy to clean.

Why is it worth using a foot file?

A podological file has always two tips, one straight and the other slightly rounded. Thanks to that, it enables you to reach even places difficult to reach. Angled foot files will be great for any ingrowing nails. Using the above tools, you need not worry about damaging the nail plate or compromising the epidermis integrity.

Natural volcanic pumice: properties

Volcanic pumice will remove any hyperkeratotic epidermis precisely. It smoothens and softens heels. Foot pumice stimulates biological spots, exerting a good influence on the body. It does not cause any irritations and allergies which is why it can be used by those with sensitive skin. This is an indispensable care product in any bathroom.