Foot cream

If you have cracking heels, look for a good foot cream. Products containing lanolin and beta-glucan will be great here. The former restores skin elasticity, while the latter regenerates the epidermis, soothes irritations and promotes wound healing.

The intense moisturizing foot cream contains vitamin E protecting from drying, loss of elasticity and firmness. In this way it prevents cracking and corns. If you want to moisturize your skin, ensure the selected foot creams contain a lot of vitamin E. This vitamin retains moisture in the skin efficiently.

Regenerating moisturizing foot balm

Are you not sure how to smoothen and soften your heels? Opt for a balm containing urea and salicylic acid. The proposed product promotes dead skin exfoliation, facilitating active ingredient absorption. The proven foot balms smoothen the skin well, reducing any itching and having an anti-bacterial effect. They remove any odours, improving your mood. The above products retain the appropriate skin moisture level.

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