Nail rhinestones

Rhinestones are an indispensable accessory for any fan of aesthetic nail decorations or in any beauty parlor offering manicure services. Rhinestones on nails brighten up the nails and make them more diverse. They will be great not only for evenings and grand parties, but also for everyday use, when we want to delight with shiny nails.

Rhinestones for nails in House of Beauty

Our House of Beauty e-store offers different sorts of rhinestones, including Swarovski-type rhinestones, mixed-color rhinestone set, blue rhinestones with straight cut, tiny rhinestones with diamond cut, iridescent rhinestones. Nail rhinestones come in as much as six sizes to ensure that they can easily be selected for any nail style and plate. Do not hesitate to look for perfect rhinestones to decorate nails in the offer of our House of Beauty store.

  • CHIODO PRO ZIRCONIA 30 PCS. Quick shop
    Blue Zircon SS5 (Variant unavailable) Blue Zircon SS5 (Variant unavailable)
    AB SS6 (Variant unavailable) AB SS6 (Variant unavailable)
    Fuchsia SS5
    Fuchsia SS6