Foot scrub and hand scrub

Foot scrub: carefully selected ingredients!

Foot scrub removes any dead skin cells. It will cope with any unsightly, uneven hyperkeratotic spots. What is more, it will moisturize and smoothen the skin. If you have dry, cracking heels, use the food scrub. For optimum results, repeat the procedure on a regular basis.

If you want to give your feet some luxury, choose a salt scrub. The proposed product exfoliates, smoothens and softens dead skin. Are you not sure how to moisturize and regenerate your skin? Choose the salt scrub with shea butter. The product will stimulate circulation, promoting active ingredient absorption.

Hand scrub: smooth and moisturized hands

The hand scrub rejuvenates any matte, lifeless skin. It conceals any irregularities, including discolorations, scars or age spots. It can also smoothen any wrinkled hands. Use the hand scrub in any season of the year, in particular in autumn and winter when your skin is exposed to dry air. The proposed treatment provides intense moisture and nourishment. The hand scrub is great for any excessively dry and irritated skin. The offered products have a wonderful aroma which is bound to ensure your good mood.