Makeup pigments, brocades

Evening or carnival makeup should be unique and distinct. To meet those expectations, we offer makeup pigments, brocade, loose powder eyeshadows and many other products.

Brocade eyeshadows

Eyeshadows with brocade are a cosmetic designed for the fans of colourful makeup and bold styling. They will be great for evening, ball or party makeup. When applied aptly, they will emphasize the eye and give it more glitter. Before applying brocade eyeshadows, apply eyeshadow base which will ensure durable makeup and prevent shedding of the glittering particles.


Our eyelid pigments have good colour intensity so it is enough to take just a bit to make a professional makeup. However, we offer not only loose powder makeup eyeshadows, but also body pigments! Opt for the best makeup pigments on the market.