Ultrasonic cleaner

Tool disinfection: a hallmark of a professional parlour

Such professionals as hairdressers, nail technicians or beauticians are aware of the importance of regular tool disinfection. Every cosmetic device requires particular attention to be cleaned accurately. Sometimes special disinfectants are required. To make this task easier, choose an ultrasonic cleaner. The proposed equipment uses strong ultrasound waves to sterilize any items situated in the container.

Ultrasonic cleaner: an indispensable device in any beauty parlour

If you put safety first, buy a device for tool cleaning and disinfecting. The proposed ultrasonic cleaner removes any dirt from rough surfaces. Looking for a suitable model, pay attention to the power. Ensure that it actually satisfies your needs. If you make manicure or pedicure, check if the device generates ultrasound waves with the frequency of at least 25 kHz. Thanks to that, you will be certain that the cleaner performs as desired.