Foot salt

Are you not certain how to minimize any heavy leg sensation? Are you looking for some way to alleviate the pain, swelling and irritation of your feet? Are you dreaming of changing your bathroom into a domestic SPA? Then opt for the herbal foot salt. It is enough to pour it in a large bowl with water.

Now, sit comfortably on a sofa or in an armchair and place your feet in the bowl. The unique choice of ingredients ensures complete skin regeneration. The foot salt offers perfect cleaning, moisture and smoothness. If you have any problems relating to callouses or chafes, repeat the treatment periodically.

Foot salt: an obligatory care routine component

Before you start the pedicure, you should soften and smoothen the epidermis. The foot salt will help you to do it. The proposed product ensures relaxation and lightness. It will cope with any dry and damaged skin perfectly. The foot salt can be used either in the centrifuge and in the massaging device. It is detergent-free thanks to which it does not irritate the skin. It does not create any foam and it can be rinsed away easily. It delights with its unique aroma which will help you relax.