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The feet are the most forgotten and neglected part of our body. They often hurt because they crack and are thickened. The ideal way to get beautiful feet is to use a foot grater regularly.

Discover the sensational foot grater. Double-sided unique grater with different gradations allows you to remove keratinized epidermis from the feet and rough heels. A special, gently abrasive surface allows you to obtain a silky soft and smooth skin. Can be used both dry and wet.

How to use: Soak your feet in warm water to soften the skin. Gently remove unwanted epidermis. Remember to rub the skin in different directions. If you rub one spot too hard and for too long in the same motion, you'll irritate it. When used properly, the grater does not hurt or damage the skin.

Overall length: 23 cm
Sanding surface length: 12.5 cm

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