Serum based on natural collagen and tea tree oil aids regeneration of skin and fingernails. The natural tea tree leaf extract is antiseptic and antibacterial, alleviates skin inflammation. Pure collagen affects overall condition of skin and fingernails, has  nourishing and regenerative properties. The Arkada collagen serum stimulates internal cellular collagen production. Recommended especially for care of skin, nailplates and cuticles, treatment of scar tissue from cuts and burns, as well as fungal infections, acne, cracked and separating nail plate.


Collagen – affects epidermal moisture level, has regenerative, softening and smoothing properties.

Melaleuca Alternifolia Oil (Tea – Tree Oil)  – unique product used to counter infections and bacteria-related skin problems. Easily absorbed. Strong agent against the anaerobic bacteria that cause acne. Paired with collagen it does not irritate the skin or cause dryness. Helps the healing of cuts, prevents formation of scar tissue.

Glycerin – moisturizing substance, allows the absorption of the active ingredients through the epidermis. Strengthens the effect of collagen and tea tree oil.

Usage of serum prevents secondary infections. It is made possible by the carefully designed formula, which, aside from care and nourishment, also delivers protective and regenerative agents. It treats scars, helps to heal burn injuries, has an antiseptic effect, alleviates common and severe acne, smoothens wrinkles. The serum is suitable for the skin, fingernail and cuticle. Contains high level of fish collagen (+/- 16%), enriched with tea tree extract. Usage restores beauty to skin and fingernails and aids regenerative processes. Twice daily application is recommended. Positive effects are apparent after a very short time.

Face, neck: 1-2 drops of serum apply with the hand onto clean, humid skin surface one to 3 times a day. A suitable peelings is also recommended once or twice a week.

Fingernails: apply small droplets with a capillary onto nail plate and cuticle, rub gently. Repeat once or twice daily..

Do not use during acute dermatitis requiring pharmacological treatment. Not for use by persons allergic to any of the ingredients. Avoid contact with the eyes. In such case rinse with copious amounts of water. Do not drink. Keep away from children under 6 years of age. Contain collagen is shelf-stable in temperature ranges 5 to 25 °C. Keep enclosed in the protective thermos included in the package throughout usage of the product.

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