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Vegan Spa Green Power nail care set - discover the power of nature

Beautiful hands are not only carefully made nail styling - even the most accurately and effectively done one will not fulfill its task if it is surrounded by dry cuticles. Unfortunately, they are often unruly and very difficult to tame. Which of us has not struggled with dry and hard skin around the nails at least once? And even the exact cut couldn't make it because it was just about to be the same in a moment?

Unfortunately, this is not the only problem - dry and hard skin often refuses to cooperate and is extremely difficult to remove on its own. It is not uncommon that no softening preparations help, because the skin does not want to cooperate, and that's it! However, in the event of such a problem, you do not have to drop everything and go to the Bieszczady Mountains, because there is something that will help you with your problem.

Vegan Spa Green Power is a solution that your cuticles and nails need. The set of conditioners contains up to 90% of natural ingredients that will fully solve your problem - nails will become strong and smooth, and you will forget what a split plate is. The cuticles will be soft and nourished, so you can easily remove them, and the entire manicure will become the most beautiful in the world.

Vegan Spa Green Power, or what the set includes:

    Nail Scrub Sweet Kiwi, 5g

Sweet Kiwi Skrub is a formula with natural particles, designed to revitalize rough, dry cuticles and nails. Through a gentle massage, it helps to remove dead epidermis and impurities on the plate.

Scrub has been enriched with 4 valuable oils:

    kukui nut oil,
    ginseng oil,
    sweet almond oil,
    sunflower oil.

They have softening, nourishing and moisturizing properties for the skin and nails. The vitamin E contained in it additionally nourishes and acts as an antioxidant.
Scrub contains 88% ingredients of natural origin and has a very pleasant kiwi smell.

Color: green with black grains.

Smell: ripe kiwi.

    Cuticle Oil Blackcurrant, 5g

Relaxing olive with hibiscus and marigold petals contains 90% ingredients of natural origin. It consists of a composition of specially selected oils that support regeneration, long-term nourishment and smoothing of the nail and cuticles, i.e .:

    blackcurrant seed oil, which promotes healthy nail growth,
    sweet almond oil with softening properties,
    sunflower oil rich in minerals and vitamins to regenerate the skin.

The oil for cuticles and nails has a beautiful floral scent and is quickly absorbed, leaving no greasy film on the skin.

Color: transparent with blue and yellow flower petals.

Fragrance: floral, sweet.

    Nail Conditioner Plant Power, 5g

Vegetable nail conditioner contains 85% ingredients of natural origin. It is designed to fight brittle and brittle nails with rebuilding properties. Thanks to Mastic Gum Oil (functional), it supports the natural thickness and durability of the nail and stimulates the synthesis of keratin. Leaves a delicate, shiny film on nails.

Color: transparent.

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