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The latest generation 24W / 48W UV / LED lamp, which quickly and evenly hardens gels, hybrid varnishes and other light-curing preparations.

The lamp has an energy-saving high-power light source and a dual wavelength of 365nm and 405nm. The lamp emits light that does not tire your eyesight.

Ergonomic shape and fabulous ease of use are the features that distinguish this lamp from among many models on the market.

Discover the lamp that will work both for manicure and pedicure. The lamp will also be an ideal purchase for all people who start or continue their adventure with hybrid manicure.

The dual LED technology makes the lamp reliably, quickly and evenly cures light-cured products available on the market. The lamp has an energy-saving high-power light source and a dual wavelength of 365nm and 405nm.

The lamp has 30 LEDs, which give a total maximum power of 48 Watt. Strategically placed LEDs will make each place on the nail properly cured.

Unlike conventional UV lamps, it does not require bulb replacement and is much more efficient.

The lamp has a built-in motion sensor, timer 5, 30, 60 seconds, and after activating the sensor, it lights continuously for 120 seconds.

By default, the lamp power is set to 48W, to reduce it to 24W, press the ON / OFF 24W / 48W button. The diode will signal operation using 24W.

The size of the lamp allows you to easily insert your whole hand, without the need to harden your thumbs separately. The lamp can also accommodate a foot.

The bottom panel of the lamp is magnetic and easy to detach for pedicure applications. The mirror bottom reflects and diffuses the light of the LEDs, thanks to which it reaches even hard-to-reach places, e.g. at the skins. Thanks to this, we can be sure that the hybrid varnish or gel used will cure even in the most sensitive places. To protect the panel, it was originally secured with a blue foil, which should be removed before the first use to obtain the expected results.

Lamp dimensions: 20 x 15.7 x 9 cm.


European adaptor

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