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The cuticle pusher, is one of the absolute salon essentials.
Thanks to it, you can easily and quickly remove unwanted cuticles from the nail plate and remove the remnants of the epithelium.

It allows you to thoroughly prepare the nail plate for further styling steps.
Always use nail pusher before applying styling preparations to a thoroughly cleaned nail plate.
The contoured pusher handle ensures precision and comfort during use, and the non-slip grooves allow for comfort and a secure grip of the tool.
The perfectly polished trough blade allows you to perform the procedure effectively, while reducing the risk of disturbing the continuity of the nail shaft and the natural nail plate.

The nail pusher is a reusable product. However, remember that each treatment should take place after disinfecting or sterilizing the tool. The cuticle lifter is made of high-quality surgical steel, allowing for autoclave sterilization.

The product is for professional use only.

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