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In the Nail Art Box set you will find products that will allow your artistic soul to let your imagination run wild and create original stylizations. The set includes colorful gels for decorations, gels for 3D decorations, as well as neon pollen and shimmering decorations that will allow you to implement an unlimited number of ideas for artistic manicure.

The Nail Art Box Set includes:

    Art Gum Gel 4g - Yoga Time - 1 pc.
    Art Gum Gel 4g - Baba Yaga - 1 pc.
    Lemon Butterfly - Nail Art Gel 8ml - 1pc.
    Black Poison - Arte Brillante Gel Brush - 1 pc.
    Caramel Cake - Arte Brillante Gel Brush - 1 pcs.
    Sugar Effect UV Gel 8ml - 1 pc.
    Smoke Powder Mandarina 2.5 - 1 pc.
    Smoke Powder Electric Blue 1.5 - 1 pc.
    Metal Manix® Effect Light Gold - 1 item
    Mermaid Mirror Effect Foil - 1 pc.
    Super Gold Transfer Foil - 1 pc.
    Paint Black Gel 8ml - 1 pc.
    Pollen applicator - 5 pcs.
    Cleaner Wipe Off - 50 ml - 1 pc.

The set is packed in an elegant, closed box.

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