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The plan was completely different.
After the enormous success of the first volume of the lexicon, I planned to take you on a long and fascinating journey inside .. no, not earth. To the inside of your gel. Or hybrids, be acrylic. I wanted to raise the subject of mathematics, physics and chemistry in nail styling, because I have no doubt that a stylist must be perfectly familiar with the characteristics of the products he works with. Unfortunately, a perverse fate played a trick on us, bringing a pandemic to the world. The reality we were used to turned upside down and the entrepreneurs were put to the test. It was necessary to quickly adapt to the new realities and put emphasis on those aspects of the business that had been neglected so far. Also in the field of nail styling, the time has come to reflect and think whether your manicure salon was really run in the best possible way.

That's why I made the decision to swap the contents of the volumes. There has been a revolutionary change in content in the book you are holding in your hands now.
You will not read in it about photoinitiators, but about person.
You won't learn anything about hydroxycyclophenyl ketone from it, but you will go deeper into CTA.
You will not study the course of polymerization in it, but expand your knowledge of content marketing.

I decided that these issues were more important at this point. But take it easy! It won't be another boring management textbook. None of these things! I present here my experiences from over a dozen years of practice in the beauty industry. I also reach for the literature of experts in this field, so you will not meet here only joyful, straightforward stories. An integral part of the second volume is also the discussion of basic decorations and the development of technical aspects of nail modeling. So I can safely say that this part of the lexicon is an excellent continuation and supplement to the knowledge from the beginning of my trilogy.
I cordially invite you to read!

2 vol

- Social media in the beauty industry
- Promotion of the beauty salon
- Basics of running a business
- Nail styling championships
- Step-by-step decorations, level I (wraps, stamps, one stroke, zhostovo, shading, acrylic flowers, floral micropainting, - everyday decorations, mix media)
- The composition and colors of decorations
- Technical mistakes made in nail modeling
- Elements of work with a milling machine
- Elements of the law for nail stylists
- Use your finger across the map - nail design around the world
- Backstage of games and carnal pleasures on TV
- Varia

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