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Well-groomed hands and feet are the showpiece of every woman, so it is extremely important to keep them healthy and clean. A large amount of dirt and microorganisms systematically accumulate under the nails, which, however, can be easily removed with a nail brush. The brush is also irreplaceable when performing SPA manicure and pedicure treatments.

The single-sided Mistero Milano nail brush gently and effectively removes all impurities. It is also extremely delicate - it does not hurt or irritate the skin.

Thanks to the use of synthetic bristles, the brush does not deform and retains its original shape and properties for a long time. It can also be thoroughly washed or disinfected before the next treatment.

The ergonomic and comfortable shape of the brush makes it perfectly fit the hand, allowing for easy and pleasant care.

The brush can also be used as a nail dust removal tool for nail extensions and to remove dust or glitter residues.

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