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A professional dust absorber is an indispensable device when styling nails.
The highest quality of our product will allow you to obtain a high level of harmful dust absorption and cleanliness in the workplace.

The W-1 absorber model has a built-in 1 large fan with dimensions of 12x12cm.
It is made of a nice high-quality quilted eco-leather on a soft, thick foam padding.
A very good and effective stabilized power supply with a safe voltage of 12 V and a current of 1200 mA is installed.
The absorber has a choice of two operating modes: Mode 1 - 3/4 power and Mode 2 - full power
power control is performed with a switch mounted next to the absorber - mode 0,1,2.
The power supply is aesthetically mounted on the bottom of the absorber.
Silicone feet prevent the material from rubbing and the absorber from moving.
Strips masking material connections underneath the absorber.
The foam padding makes the absorber soft and pleasant to the touch.

Set contains:
dust collector
220V power cable
2 reusable pouches (one included and one as spare)
user manual

Technical data:

device input power: 20 watts
power supply: 100-240V, 50-60Hz
voltage: 12V / 1.25A
dimensions: width 24 cm, height 9 cm, length 27 cm
please use alcohol-free cleaning agents for cleaning
quantity: 1 piece


European adaptor

Complaints policy
- the cost of returning the broken device is covered by the customer
- until the manufacturer makes a decision, the broken device is not refundable
- if the manufacturer cannot repair the device, the costs will be reimbursed
- it is not possible to exchange the goods for another one
- if the defect was caused by improper use, the repair costs are covered by the customer
- the warranty and its conditions are included in the warranty card

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