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2in1 Acryl-Gel from Kabos is an innovative product for nail extension and modeling. It combines two previously known styling methods: gel and acrylic, drawing from both the greatest advantages of both products while eliminating any inconvenience of work.

Product advantages:

  • The unique consistency allows you to work calmly without rush - the product does not run down the cuticles, which allows you to harden 5 nails at once without fear of flooding the sides / cuticles;


  • Ease of modeling and building the shape of the nail - the product stays exactly where we want it before curing;


  • No unpleasant odor;


  • No burning sensation in the lamp;


  • Possibility of extension both on the template and on the dual forms;


  • The ability to easily make difficult styles, such as construction French;
  • Durable and very damage-resistant styling.

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