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Cotton swabs leaving fibers when rinsed? This is the past. Slowianka Nail Trends has developed a new generation of cotton pads that will revolutionize the work in your manicure salon. White, soft, made of a material that perfectly absorbs all liquids. By soaking our new cotton swab with Slavian's Cleaner, you can be sure that 99% of the liquid will remain in the fabric, so you can clean up to 10 nails with just one swab! However, these are not all the unique advantages of our new swabs. Due to their absorbing properties, you will perfectly clean the skins covered with a little hybrid without the risk of "pushing" the varnish deeper. Our new cotton swab is so flexible and absorbent that it reaches the smallest gaps, perfectly cleaning the washed surface. If you also work with traditional nail varnishes, our cotton pads will also surprise you, because incomparably better to remove the classic varnish with acetone, and most importantly, in the case of dark shades, you do not have to worry about the unsightly rubbing of the color on the cuticles around the nail.

The new swabs from Slowianka Nail Trends are a revolutionary system for degreasing, washing and cleaning the nail plate, consisting in the intensive absorption of the fluid used and keeping it inside the swab. You will find as many as 3000 pieces in the package, so taking into account the mega efficiency it is a very economical solution.

Cotton swabs do not leave any fluff or fibers, giving the stylist's work the highest comfort.

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