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Perfect ombre or maybe a babyboomer? Whatever you fancy with a sponge and a metal palette from Slowianka Nail Trends, you can do them in no time!

Natalia Larina - the main trainer of the Slowianka Nail Trends brand - has created a unique, proprietary ombre sponge, thanks to which you will get the airbrush effect, i.e. the perfect gradient on the nail! Working with our new sponge will be even more effective and professional if you use a special metal ombre palette.

It is made of durable metal with a perfectly smooth surface, which will allow the product to be evenly distributed over the sponge, and thus create a perfect ombre.

A few reasons why you need to try working with Slavianka's sponge and palette:


  • Traditional round sponges are problematic because their small surface area and different pressure forces make it very difficult and time-consuming to create the perfect babyboomer with a beautiful transition of shades. Slavic sponge makes it much easier to create a perfect babyboomer!


  • Most stylists buy flat sponges at the drugstore, which they have to cut and hold with tweezers while applying the color. Unfortunately, we do not always get a perfect cut, and most of all, we spend valuable time preparing the sponges. Meanwhile, you do not have to do it, and what's more, with the innovative Slavic sponge you will never make an ugly ombre again - we promise! In addition, you can make them much easier, much faster and professionally.


  • Not sure yet? In that case, let's add that a solid handle will allow for hygienic, fast and aesthetic nail styling of your client, and you can buy sets of replaceable sponges-tips in economical sets.


  • The metal palette is the perfect complement to our ombre set - with its help you can distribute and mix products with each other - without the risk of creating mini air bubbles, and you will also use the ideal, economical amount of the product.

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