If you prefer a break with a cup of coffee instead of cutting ombre sponges, we have a message for you! Natalia Larina - the main trainer of the Slowianka Nail Trends brand - has created a unique, proprietary ombre sponge, thanks to which you will get the airbrush effect, i.e. the perfect gradient on the nail! The new ombre sponge is made of very soft silicone, which allows for quick, effective and very effective work. If you want your manicure salon to be famous for its perfect ombre and babyboomer, all you need is a supply of Slavic sponges. We have chosen the perfect shape using the possibilities of the ball, cut at a perfect angle, which allows for any length of time.

The oblique and flat platform allows you to apply a combination of - at least - two colors with ombre!

A few reasons why you need to try working with Slavian's sponge:

  • Traditional round sponges are problematic because their small surface area and different pressure variants make the transition of the perfect babyboomer very difficult and time-consuming. Slowianki sponge makes it easy to create a perfect babyboomer!
  • Most stylists buy flat sponges at the drugstore, which they have to trim, and when applying the crank with tweezers. Unfortunately, we are not always looking to find the cut, first of all, we spend valuable time preparing the sponges. Meanwhile, you do not have to do it, and what's more, with the innovative Slavic sponge you will never make an ugly ombre again - we promise! In addition, you will make them much simpler, much higher and professionally.
  • Not sure yet? In that case, let's add that you can buy a solid handle for hygienic, quick and aesthetic styling of your customers, a set of replaceable sponges-tips in economical sets.

Tip: If you want to use the sponge more than once, you can clean it with a cleaner. However, remember to use the same colors when using.
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