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A professional milling machine from the renowned JSDA company made for SUNONE is the best choice for both amateur and professional use. The milling machine is distinguished by high quality workmanship and the best, proven components used in production.

In addition to the strict quality control that the milling machine was subjected to before leaving the factory, we additionally subjected it to many hours of testing in a professional beauty salon. The equipment received high marks in its category and compliance with the data indicated in the specification. There is no runout at revs, which ensures high precision, does not overheat and has a long engine life.


Input voltage: AC100-240V, 50 / 60Hz, 1A

Output voltage: DC12V

Power: 35W

Rotation speed: 0 - 30,000 RPM

Warranty: 12 months

Set contains:

Milling machine - professional equipment with speed control by means of a knob

Head - the original head with TWIST & LOCK mechanism, where the cutter clamp in the "R" position is open, while in the "S" position it is closed

Pedal - enables turning the milling machine on and off without having to use the knob

Small set of cutters - 3 pieces of cutters + 1 cap with a carrier are ideal for filing gel and acrylic mass

Cutter SUNONE ceramic medium cone - the cutter removes mass gently without causing vibration. What's more, it doesn't transfer heat and doesn't cause unpleasant feeling of heating. The right size of the teeth perfectly pulls off hybrid varnishes, gels, acrylics without damaging the nail plate.

Manual user instructions


The head is very comfortable to use, fits the hand perfectly, without whipping or transferring excessive vibrations. It has a serial number proving its originality.

JSDA is a reputable company that produces, among others, the best dental equipment. This technology was also used in the production of milling machine handles, thanks to which we obtain the highest quality at the best price.

WARNING! Read the user manual carefully before using the device!

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