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Nail forms that will facilitate your extension

Extend nails with pleasure. For many, nail extension is difficult because of poorly selected nail forms and incorrect use. Thanks to the nail templates from Slowianka, the extension of an artificial nail will be much easier.

New nail forms are made of double, laminated paper so they are properly stiffened. They have an appropriate graphic design that makes it easy to build oval, square or dagger nails. They are perfect for building a nail in Pink & White during the championship. They have improved side graphics, dedicated to cutting forms for pads. Metal glow lines help in perfect application of the product. The template additionally does not reflect, which means that you can stick to the right line, without fooling around.

2in1 nail forms from Slowianka Nail Trends

Templates for extension have a 2-in-1 function. Depending on the shape of the nails you want to get, you can have the tip of the form longer or shorter, just tear off the final part before removing the template from the foil.

Thanks to the right color of the templates - pastel pink, the colors of the product you use to extend the nail are even more visible on the form, making forming the perfect shape easier. You will no longer have a problem making a perfect French or extending with a transparent product, where it was certainly difficult for you to catch the final product line.

Molds have strong glue. Remember to store the molds at 20-25 degrees Celsius, in dark rooms or in a place with no daylight. Avoid frost and above 25 degrees, so that the glue does not lose its strength.

They stick perfectly to your finger, form a perfect tunnel without breaking. Forms do not expand in the lamp, and due to the strong glue, they do not separate and do not open.

These are disposable nail forms.

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