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The latest NaiLac lamp provides comfort for curing gels and hybrid varnishes. The lamp starts curing from low temperature and power, thanks to which it brings only benefits:

- reduces "baking" almost to zero thanks to the "Power Intelligence" solution: the initial power of the timers is very low and gradually increases - in this way we minimize the heat jump,

- ensures accurate and correct hardening of the mass, which significantly reduces the risk of sensitization,

- high-quality fluorescent lamps provide the same emission of light wavelength - the varnish or gel will be thoroughly and evenly hardened over the entire surface of the nail,

- has mixed bulbs in two wavelengths of light: 365nm (enough to cure classic gels) and 400nm (wavelength in which LED products are cured) - we used completely crystalline bulbs - it gave us confidence that heavily pigmented gels opaque hybrid varnishes (white, black) and polishing gels will be properly and properly illuminated and will look great for many weeks.

- the lamp does not have a transformer, which forces it to be boosted, and therefore you can enjoy it for a very long time, without the risk of blown bulbs.


1. Dual functionality of the DUAL LED 36W lamp - for curing gel and hybrid varnishes.

2. Automatic switch-on - has a motion sensor that starts the lamp when you insert your hand into it.

3. No dead zone - the correct arrangement of LEDs ensures even illumination of the product.

4. Ideal for pedicures - the magnetic bottom allows it to be removed (and reinstalled) in one move.

5. The reliable technology of extremely durable LEDs guarantees a long lamp life.

6. Reduced risk of allergies resulting from poor lighting of the varnish.

7. Safe for eyesight - LED light does not cause eye pain and is not harmful to eyesight.

8. Resistant to discoloration - the unique material covered with varnish coating is easy to clean and resistant to dirt.

9. Designer, modern look.

10. Compact size, not taking up space in the work area.

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