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Are you planning a new nail art? It's easy with these clips!
Take care of your comfort during manicure treatments, reaching for modern clips for removing hybrids from MylaQ. These easy-to-use cosmetic accessories will free you from having to wrap your nails with foil every time you want to get rid of old styling.
To remove the hybrid varnish with decorations, just matte the top layer and put a swab moistened with a cleaner on the nail surface. Hybrid clips prevent the swabs from sliding off and guarantee their good adhesion to the entire surface of the plate. Thanks to this, the hybrid is removed efficiently, conveniently and safely.
Clips for removing hybrids have been designed in such a way as not to squeeze your fingers too much and at the same time do not slide off them automatically. By choosing milk clips for removing the hybrid, you invest in easy-to-use cosmetic accessories, thanks to which the procedures associated with nail stylization become more convenient, and the preparation for applying a new layer of hybrid varnish and the final nail decoration takes less time.

In a few steps you will safely and quickly download the hybrid varnish:

1. Mat the top layer.

2. Soak a cotton swab with a cleaner and put it on the nail.

3. Clamp the clip.

And ready - now you can relax and wait 10 minutes.

Thanks to the clips, acetone will be evenly distributed, and the varnish will come off the tile easier. You can use them many times during manicure and pedicure treatments.

Quantity: 10 pieces.

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