The MylaQ cordless milling machine is another step towards professional nail care!

Small, shapely and perfect in action. Thanks to it you will efficiently and safely develop a natural and artificial tile. Discover the benefits of the device:

works wirelessly - don't worry about tangled cables. Just charge the milling machine before use,

has a display - everything visible to the naked eye! This will show the charge status as well as the direction and speed of rotation (F - right, R - left),

is mobile - the small dimensions of the milling machine enable it to be easily moved to any place. Now you can do manicure and pedicure everywhere,

comfort of work - easy change of cutters and the ability to adjust the speed using the knob is convenience for you and your customers.

The milling machine comes with cutters and a set of 6 abrasive caps with a carrier.

To mount the cutter you must:

- grasp the movable ring in the upper part of the handle with your fingers,

- turn the ring clockwise,

- to lock the cutter in the handle, grip the ring and turn it counterclockwise.

Device operation:

   - the device works wirelessly,
   - connect the handle of the milling machine to the plug in the device,
   - the device is turned on / off using the ON / OFF switch,
   - change of direction of rotation is set by means of the FWD / REV direction switch,
   - the rotation speed can be set up to a maximum of 30,000 rpm using a speed controller.

Operation of cutters (6 cutters with a diamond embankment, including a mandrel carrier for 6 paper cylinders):

1st and 2nd milling cutter - you will use for removing and developing skins,
3 cutter - it is universal. It is used for both cuticles and styling,
4th and 5th milling cutter - you will use for mass removal (hybrid, gel),
6 cutter - this is a mandrel for pedicure cylinders.

Technical data:

  • Milling machine base:
  • Weight - 242 g
  • Input voltage - 11V / 220V-240V
  • Frequency - 50 / 60Hz
  • Input Voltage - DC 12V6A
  • Power - 20W
  • Battery capacity - 1800 mAh, fully charged for 5 hours
  • Milling handle:
  • Weight - 163 g
  • Max. turnover - 30000rpm


  • milling base,
  • milling handle,
  • set of cutters with caps,
  • instruction,
  • Warranty Card.


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