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Do you dream of fast and effective work during manicures and pedicures? Do you want to safely and effectively remove cuticles and nail stylization? Nail milling machine is a professional device that you will use not only at home, but also in a beauty salon.

With a milling machine:

- you will file off hybrid varnish, gel and acrylic mass,

- prepare nails for manicures and pedicures,

- you can shape the plate and smooth it out,

- safely and thoroughly remove skins.

What distinguishes the model:

- easy cutter replacement - just turn the handle to the left, place a new cutter and turn it to the right,

- less perceptibility of vibrations,

- small and light handle - increases precision,

- the ability to adjust the speed with the knob,

- easy change of clockwise and counterclockwise rotation,

- simple level selection system,

- the option of switching on and off also by means of a foot switch,

- We joined the M276 milling machine with 5 diamond-coated milling cutters, 6 end caps and a mandrel carrier.

Milling machine operation:

1. Connect the handle of the milling machine to the plug in the device.

2. Turn the milling machine on using the OFF / ON or FOOT button.

3. Set the rotation direction FWD / REV.

4. Set the rotation speed with the SPEED CONTROL MIN / MAX controller.

Technical data:

- milling machine weight: 780 g,

- input voltage: AC 110V-220V,

- frequency: 50 / 60HZ,

- output voltage: DC 12V 1A,

- power: 40W,

- handle weight: 150 g,

- maximum speed: 35,000 rpm,

- handle length: 13 cm,

- cutter diameter: 2.32,

- clockwise and counterclockwise rotation is set using the FWD / REV switch.


1. Working with the foot button will ensure long life of the milling machine.

2. Do not use the milling machine with wet hands.

3. Do not use the device with a damaged cable.

4. Do not disassemble or modify the device on your own.

5. Do not allow the device to come into contact with water.

6. Do not use or keep the device in high temperature and sunny places.

7. During the procedure, put the handle on a suitable stand or stand.

8. Connect the device to a proven power source with the correct voltage (110-220V).

9. Make sure children do not play with the device.

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