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The LED 18W / 54W lamp is a professional device from MylaQ that you will use to cure hybrid varnishes and gels. Thanks to it your manicure will be even more durable and effective.

The nail lamp is equipped with 3 operating times: 10s, 30s and 60s and a motion sensor, which will ensure maximum comfort of use. The lamp starts as soon as you place your hand.

The even distribution of 36 LEDs enables efficient and effective fixation of made hybrid nails. The use of a streamlined shape means that the entire hand and foot fit in the lamp.

The device has two intelligent systems: 1 is Low Heat Mode, i.e. gradual heating of the lamp for 99s (the change of power occurs after 30s, and then after 50s), 2 is a digital display that accurately determines the remaining time until the end of exposure.

LED technology does not require replacement of fluorescent lamps. Detachable bottom facilitates fashionable pedicure.

Simple operation and the use of innovative solutions will help you make great decorations.


- Maximum power: 18W / 54W

- Voltage: DC 12V 4A

- LED wavelength: 365-405 nm

- Timer: 10s, 30s, 99s

- Motion sensor: YES

Lamp dimensions:

- 95 mm x 230 mm x 190 mm

User manual:

- Connect the lamp with the power supply.

- After starting the device, select the working time using the Timer: 10s, 30s, 60s. When the Low Heat Mode button is on, the lamp slowly begins to warm up.

The package contains:

- 18W / 54W LED lamp,

- Power Supply,

- manual user instructions,

- warranty card.


- Read the instructions before using the lamp.

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