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Compact, handy and quiet - Slowianka Nail Drill Machine is a milling machine that you can take on a journey. Thanks to the low energy consumption it guarantees long working time - up to 6 hours without recharging. It has an automatic micromotor protection system ensuring operation at the highest speed without blocking the tip. The Slowianka Nail Drill Machine also has the TWIST-LOCK function, which makes work easy and pleasant.

The distinguishing feature of the Slowianka Nail Trends milling machine from others on the market are the high quality materials from which it was made. The handle made entirely of metal makes its construction solid and the matt finish of the body gives an elegant effect to the entire milling machine.

The miller's great advantage is also its quiet operation even at 35,000 rpm and the reverse change without major complications. By starting the equipment, he immediately jumps into first gear and easily starts work.

The Slowianka Nail Drill Machine set is additionally equipped with a cemented carbide milling cutter that has shallow teeth suitable for removing gel, acrylic and hybrid products. The smooth, round tip of the cutter avoids unwanted injuries. Remember! Do not saw with it wet and unhardened products, so that unwanted products do not get under the teeth of the cutter.

The Slavian milling machine kit also has a handle for holding it in a horizontal position.

The whole mechanism has been locked inside the milling machine, thanks to which the milling machine is safe and not susceptible to unwanted dirt.

The compact and quiet milling machine Slowianka Naill Drill Machine is the perfect companion to work in a beauty salon and in ... long-distance travels.
Take your milling machine with you to distant places - become a mobile stylist with a milling machine from Slowianka Nail Trends.



    - High power
    - Portability and space saving.
    - Lightweight, compact design ideal for travel.
    - Perfect for professional salon or home use.
    - Swivel lock function.
    - Rated speed 0-35000 rpm.
    - Low temperature rise, low energy consumption.
    - Long service life.
    - Thanks to the automatic safety device it can work at high speed without blocking.

Technical data:

    - Size: 138 mm / 68 mm / 40 mm
    - Power: 24 W.
    - Voltage: 24 V.
    - Input voltage: 24 V.
    - Rated speed: 35,000 rpm


    - AC adapter input socket
     - Handle lifter
    - LCD display
    - Forward and backward
    - Start and Stop / Pause / Speed ​​control
    - Buckle
    - Portable control box
    - Carbide burr
    - holder
    - Stand for the handle
    - Charger

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