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An essential preparation for preparing a natural tile before applying gels, acrylics and hybrid varnishes. It belongs to the group of acid ethers recommended for problematic nails.

A small drop of preparation is enough to prepare a plate. Absorption time 30s. Particular attention should be paid so that the Primer does not come in contact with the skins. In the case of a highly problematic tile, it is recommended to use the product with Natural Basic Key.

Primer is a very strong preparation.

Available volumes: 11 ml

How to apply Primer:

  1.  We disinfect the client's hands.
  2.  We develop a natural tile starting with a traditional manicure.
  3.  Use a Cuticle Remover preparation to soften the cuticles, then remove with a chisel / clipper.
  4.  With a 120/240 gradation file, we develop a natural nail giving it the right shape
  5.  Smooth the nail surfaces with a polishing block with 120/120 gradation
  6.  We apply a Primer type etching agent on a natural tile (absorption time approx. 30s).
  7.   We apply subsequent layers of gel, acrylic, acrylgel or hybrid products.

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