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Basic set of makeup brushes with Bohoblender makeup sponge in medium size. The brushes included in the set are made by hand, from high quality, extremely soft, synthetic bristles. Synthetic hair is ideal for vegans and people prone to allergies. This set is dedicated to both professionals and makeup enthusiasts.

The 8 pcs make-up brushes set includes:

    - Bohoblender in medium size - a high quality make-up sponge that stands out for its exceptional softness. The use of the Bohoblender sponge is pure pleasure! The Boho Beauty makeup sponge will delight you with its silky softness. The foundation spread with it is even and forms a coating imitating the natural structure of the skin.

    - Powder brush 123V - is a universal brush - perfect for applying powder, blush or bronzer. Delicate, synthetic bristles make using this brush you can also distribute a liquid cosmetic: foundation or cream highlighter, obtaining a perfect, delicate finish. This is a multifunctional brush.

    - Contour brush 124V - brush intended for contouring the face with both creamy cosmetics and those with a powder formula. The brush can also be used for liquid or mineral applications.

    - Highlighter brush 127V - brush intended for application of a highlighter with a creamy, liquid or powder formula. The brush is also perfect for contouring the face.

    - 232V shadow brush Tapered Crease - a brush ideal for applying and rubbing shadows with a creamy and powder formula. Perfect for concealer and highlighter for smaller parts of the face. It can be used to apply the eyelid base.

    - Shadow brush 234V Over Shading - brushes ideal for applying shades with a creamy and powder formula. It can also be used to rub out shadows.

    - 235V Short Blending Shadow Brush - ideal for applying and rubbing shadows on smaller surfaces. Precisely refine it with details of makeup in the outer corner of the eye. Perfect for applying and rubbing eye shadows on the lower eyelid.

    - Eyebrow brush 306 Angled Brow - a brush ideal for underlining eyebrow lines and filling them.
Way of using the bohblender:

Before applying a primer or product with a creamy formula, soak the sponge under a stream of lukewarm water. Press the water in the sponge intensively and start applying the product. For hygiene, wash the sponge after each application and let it dry.

How to wash the bohoblender sponge:

Fill the bowl with warm water, add a few drops of soap or liquid, preferably one that contains oils. Leave the sponge in the water for about 15-20 minutes. After this time, squeeze it several times to rinse the undercoat. Rinse the sponge under running water. Press the water and let it dry. Do not close the damp sponge: in containers, drawers, pouches, etc. Drying must ensure direct access of air. The sponge can be disinfected with disinfectants.

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