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A high quality makeup sponge from the Pastel Vibes collection, distinguished by its exceptional softness. The use of the Bohoblender sponge is pure pleasure! It does not matter if you are a professional make-up artist or a passionate makeup artist - you are certainly looking for the highest quality makeup accessories, the use of which will give you the effect you dream of.

Medium cut size - a sponge slightly larger than the regular size with a beveled side

The Boho Beauty brand meets your needs by creating a sponge that will shorten the make-up time to an absolute minimum, ensuring full comfort of use. Forget the sponges, the structure of which was so compact that it was difficult to spread the underlay with them. The BOHO BEAUTY sponge will delight you with its silky softness. It spreads the foundation evenly and creates a coating imitating the natural structure of the skin. The effect we get is amazing! The material from which the Bohoblender sponge was made ensures long-lasting use and is perfect for professional work. And high quality combined with an extremely affordable price will make you not exchange it for any other. Do not hesitate! Bohoblender is your dream makeup sponge.

Way of usage:

Before applying a primer or cream-colored product, soak the sponge vigorously under a stream of lukewarm water. Press the water in the sponge intensively and start applying the product. For hygiene, wash the sponge after each application and let it dry. Do not close the damp sponge: in containers, drawers, pouches, etc. Drying must allow direct access of air. The sponge can be disinfected with disinfectants.

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