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The 207 Luxe Pencil Brush is made of a delicate, selected goat hair, ensuring the pleasure and comfort of application. It is a brush with a wide range of applications. Thanks to its shape, it perfectly applies the shadow precisely in the outer corner of the eye. It will rub the shadow on the lower eyelid and the "bloated" line for the smokey eye effect. Brush 207 Luxe Penci is a shadow brush that will fine-tune the details in your make-up. Delicate goat hair used for making the brush makes the application pleasant and comfortable, which is difficult to achieve in a brush of this size.

207 Luxe Pencil is an elegant make-up brush, made with attention to the smallest detail. Eight times painted, wooden handle in pastel color, it is perfectly balanced and perfectly lies in the hand. The brush shaft is resistant to dirt, and any stains from cosmetics on the surface that are created when using the shadows brush are easy to remove. The 207 Luxe Pencil brush has a silver BOHO BEAUTY logo, a brush number and its purpose. The engraving ensures that the visual side of the product will look perfect for a long time, and the inscriptions will not wipe during everyday use. The whole, in this extremely elegant style, is complemented by a brand logo engraved on a copper, chrome ferrule, which gives the pastel brush of the Pastel Vibes series a unique character. The 207 Luxe Pencil Brush looks very professional and is the highest quality brush for shadows. We guarantee you that you will earn your love during the first application.

Bristle type - high quality natural goat hair
Brush length - 18 cm
The length of the bristles - 0.9 cm
The width of the bristles at the tip - 0.4 cm.



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