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Professional shadow brush from the CLASSIC collection, distinguished by its amazing quality and affordable price. The brush is dedicated to both professionals and make-up enthusiasts.

The 217 SMUDGE brush is made of a mixture of delicate synthetic bristles and goat hair, thanks to which it combines the subtlety and precision of the application. Brush 217 is a small brush with a round head section and short, fairly dense bristles. Precisely refine the details of makeup in the outer corner of the eye. Blurs smaller areas of shading. Perfect for soft application of shadows on the lower eyelid, along the eyelash line. Thanks to the mixed bristles, he gains the right amount of shadow and gives his concentrated pigmentation on the eyelid. It can also be used to illuminate the inner corner of the eye and brighten the part under the eyebrow. It also works well in smokey eyes, because it will fuse any boundaries between dark shades with extreme precision. You have to have it!

Brush 217 SMUDGE was made with attention to the smallest detail. Eight lacquered wooden handle in classic gray color has engraved white BOHO BEAUTY logo, brush number and its purpose. The copper, chrome ferrule perfectly holds the bristles of the brush, preventing it from falling out. The 217 SMUDGE brush presents itself extremely professionally.

Type of bristles - mixed bristles
Brush length - 17 cm
The length of the bristles - 1.1 cm
The width of the bristles with the ferrule - 0.5 cm.



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