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A professional contouring brush from the CLASSIC VEGAN collection, which is distinguished by its high quality and affordable price. Delicate, synthetic bristles of the highest quality from which it was made makes the makeup application a pure pleasure.

124V FLAT CONTOUR, this is a brush for special tasks. Modeling the cheekbones, slender nose, exposing the collarbones, highlight the face oval. And all this thanks to the unique, straight cut, thanks to which you can make extremely precise wet and dry contouring, based on straight, precise lines, which can then be perfectly rubbed with it. The shape of the bristle brush 124V causes that it has a number of applications. It can also be used as a more precise brush for liquid and mineral foundation. Ideally suited to bodypainting techniques, when applying wet products on larger areas of the body. Having it among your makeup accessories, you will find a lot of applications for him.

Contour brush 124V FLAT CONTOUR was made with attention to the smallest detail. Eight lacquered, wooden handle in the color of classic gray, has a white BOHO BEAUTY logo, brush number and its purpose. The copper, chrome ferrule perfectly holds the bristles of the brush, preventing it from falling out. The 124V FLAT CONTOUR brush looks very professional.

Type of bristles - synthetic bristles
Brush length - 17 cm
The length of the bristles - 1.8 cm
The width of the bristles with the ferrule - 2.2 cm / 1.1 cm.

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