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Cheat your dream body, without the workout!

I have poured all my makeup artist know-how into creating this incredible Slimmer Shimmer that acts like shapewear lingerie for the skin. Enriched with FermiProtect to firm the skin and sculpt your contours, and a precious-metal highlighter mix to re-create my secret “Celebrity Limb trick” – highlight down the centre of legs and arms to create the illusion of leaner, longer limbs. It's Easy Body Makeup-in-a-Minute, for summer confidence in a bottle! To apply, twist the applicator and simply roll the cooling-metal massager down the centre of your limbs, then blend out with your hands for long-limbed, glossy-skinned perfection!

• FermiProtect is a wild shitake extract that protects the collagen fibres in the skin, making your skin look and feel firmer, toned and supple.

• A precious-metal highlighter mix gives a flattering radiant glow though catching the light down the centre of your limbs.

• My cooling-metal massager promotes lymphatic drainage for a refreshed, streamlined silhouette.

• Caffeine detoxes the skin tissues, reducing unevenness in the skin and any bloated puffiness.

• Menthol has an instant cooling sensation on the skin, stimulating micro-circulation and blood-flow.

• Organic Aloe Vera & Allantoin soothes and comforts the skin.

• Paraben-free

• Fill 60ml

• Carton Dimensions (mm) 34 x 34 x 160

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