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Mineral Base is an amazing, multitasking product, with its incredible properties it can replace 3 different products – it's a base coat, colour and a top coat in one. It's an opaque base coat – it provides a 75% coverage. This helps it create a delicate colour effect with an amazing glossy finish. 
Using Mineral Base can cut down your work time even up to 45 minutes.

Porcelain shade is in the cool spectrum of colours available in Mineral Base product line. Subtle, cool pink creates a delicate, elegant but not overly sweet look.

Attention! Thin consistency of Mineral Base makes it possible to elongate the nail plate by maximum 2 mm. The product spreads well but it won't spill over the cuticles. Check out Mineral Base Porcelain and improve the pace and comfort of your work!

Mineral base coats are available in 4 shades: Check out the available colours of the mineral base: Mineral Base Blush, Mineral Base Natural, Mineral Base Sensual Skin.

Curing time 30-60 seconds

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