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Self-adhesive, paper-foil sterilization bags are disposable medical packaging that are intended for autoclaving steam. They were produced in accordance with the applicable standards PN-EN 868-3 and 5 and PN-EN ISO 11607-1 and 2. They are made of the highest quality medical paper and foil resistant to any damage. Each bag has a special seal that protects against tearing of the foil during the packaging of the tools. In addition, all packaging is equipped with external and internal indicators of the sterilization process, which inform about the process by changing the color of the indicator from pink to black.

Characteristics of sterilization bags:

bags are self-adhesive - it means that you don't have to have a special welding machine,
have been pre-assembled, which facilitates proper and quick closing of the packaging,
have a special thumb cut at the top of the package to facilitate opening the package,
each bag has its own serial number,
the foil and paper layer is resistant to damage or tear and provides adequate protection against microorganisms,
additional welds that are on the sides and corners of the bags prevent the film from rolling,
thanks to the transparent foil the contents of the package are clearly visible.


Put the previously disinfected and dry items that you want to sterilize into a bag (it is recommended to put one tool in each bag). Immediately before closing the package, remove the strip covering the adhesive layer. Then bend the pre-folded edge of the paper and seal it thoroughly. It is important to fill the packaging with tools in approx. 75% so that the package does not get damaged during sterilization. (If you put more than 1 item in the package, it is important that they do not touch each other directly because then the sterilization process may not be carried out correctly).


- bags are for single use only,
- Do not use damaged or torn packaging,
- store in a dry, cool and clean place,
- avoid insolation
- sterilized packages can be stored under recommended conditions for up to 3 years from the date of packaging production.



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