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One pack, three colors, endless styling!

Meet the Trio Cover Gel, which are three colorful and beautifully covering gels from NaiLac closed in a convenient box. With them you will recreate a really summer atmosphere on your nails, create #mani in pastel shades, #pedi with shimmering particles, French styling, the popular princess effect, paint a beautiful nailart and everything that is on your mind.
One, two, three - done!

In black, elegant boxes, we have hidden gels in really fashionable, summer shades. Choose a combination of delicate mint and pastel pink, classic opaque white and barbie pink, subtle peach and lavender purple, combine each duo with a transparent gel with multi-colored particles and let your imagination run wild!

What else should you know about them?

  • Trio Cover Gel is a perfect product for every stylist, at every level of advancement - you will love it for its creamy texture that does not flow out of the box!
  • They are easy to apply, the product does not run down, the brush is listened to and there is no air in it
  • Styling with them is durable and resistant to any damage - thanks to this you will not have to worry about a beautiful manicure and pedicure during the entire holiday trip
  • In one box - Trio Cover Gel # 01, # 02, # 03 - you will find the most fashionable shades of gels with which you will fit into the constant trends of the spring-summer season
  • Trio Cover Gel, although closed in a small box, is extremely efficient - with a small amount of them you can quickly create the most fashionable salon decorations

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