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Vegan Spa Pink Power nail care set - feel the power of nature

Well-groomed and beautiful hands and nails are not such a simple matter. Many people think that a sophisticated styling of hybrid nails is enough to make them delightful. However, without proper care, it is all for nothing - dry skin around the fingers and a brittle plate can ruin any, even the most thorough, styling. So what to do if no cosmetics work on resistant cuticles and the nail plate?

Not only dry and hard cuticles are a real problem - uneven, brittle and discolored nail plate is also an irritating topic. Very often, only highly pigmented and expressive colors of hybrid varnishes are able to cover its shortcomings - and not always! Each manicure takes longer if you have to spend a lot of time before dealing with problematic cuticles and plate. But, but - there is a problem, there is a solution. The natural solution.

Vegan Spa Pink Power is a force flowing from nature that will save your cuticles and nails from oppression. The wonderful set consists of up to 90% natural ingredients that will act as a magic elixir for your problem. Breakable plate and hard crusts? You can forget about such troubles once and for all. From now on, your hands will become phenomenally beautiful, and your nails will be as strong as steel - see for yourself.

Nail Vegan Spa PINK POWER set

    Nail Scrub Watermelon, 5g

Watermelon skrub is an oily texture that contains natural particles that scrub, clean and smooth the nail plate and the cuticles around it. The preparation contains 90% ingredients of natural origin and has a beautiful fruity aroma.

Scrub is enriched with:

    passion fruit seed powder - helps to remove the cuticles and clean the nail plate,
    kukui nut oil - softens and acts as an antioxidant,
    vitamin E - anti-aging,
    ginseng oil - moisturizing and anti-aging.

Color: pink with black grains.


    Cuticle Oil Amaranth, 5g

Floral olive with amaranth petals contains a composition of specially selected oils that support regeneration, nourishment and smoothing of nails and cuticles.

It includes:

    rosehip oil - rich in vitamins, anti-aging and known as an antioxidant,
    camellia oil - brightens discolorations, has a beautiful floral scent and is quickly absorbed.

Color: transparent with pink flower petals.

Fragrance: floral, sweet.

    Nail Conditioner Hard Base, 5g

Conditioner based on a plant formula that contains as much as 85% of ingredients of natural origin. It can be used as an auxiliary as a nail plate repair base. Contains:

    green tea seed oil,
    tsubaki oil,
    castor oil from Dongbeak
    Dongbeak flower and seed extract, which improve the condition of damaged nails and smooth their surface.

The conditioner leaves a shiny film on the nail and supports the adhesion of the nail polish.

Color: transparent.

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