Set contains:

Freedom System Flexi Eco Palette box

14.5 x 7.5 cm

0.11 kg

Freedom System Flexi Eco Palette box made of naturally colored bamboo. Handy and pleasant to the touch, it combines minimalism and unique style. The original arrangement of the grain makes each box has its own unique pattern.
Very light and practical, it can accommodate any products from the Freedom System line, and thanks to the small magnets it gives the opportunity to build a multi-level cosmetics set.

Eye shadow FREEDOM SYSTEM MATTE NF 353, 337, 326 Vegan

2.3 g / 0.08 US OZ *
2.8 g / 0.1 US OZ *
3.0 g / 0.11 US OZ *
3.3 g / 0.12 US OZ *
3.6 g / 0.13 US OZ *

* weight depends on the color

An 80-color collection of matt pressed eye shadows in the revolutionary Freedom System. Highly pigmented they provide excellent coverage and intense, long-lasting color. The velvety formula allows easy application and prevents shadows from smudging and reflecting, or accumulating in skin creases.

Eye shadow FREEDOM SYSTEM CREAMY PIGMENT Night Out 706 Vegan

1.9 g / 0.07 US OZ

Feel the true party mood with the shimmering eye makeup that you create with the Freedom System Creamy Pigment Eye Shadow collection! The shadows contain pure pigment and pollen that will direct the spotlight on you! Extremely high pigmentation of the product provides an exceptional glow, and its color changes depending on the degree of light incidence!

FREEDOM SYSTEM 21 Vegan blush

6 g / 0.21 US OZ

Classic blush with a silky smooth powder formula. Comfortable in application, it works perfectly with other face cosmetics, giving a natural finish effect. The varied range of colors available in matte or shimmering particles will meet the needs of each type of complexion.

HD Freedom System 153 Vegan face highlighter

4.8 g / 0.17 US OZ

Extremely smooth, satin face highlighter available in environmentally friendly Freedom System packaging. Silky, enriched with HD pigments formula provides a flawless effect of subtle illumination. Available in a variety of cool and dark shades, it easily adapts to any type of complexion. Pleasant in application, it does not collect in skin creases, so it can also be recommended for mature skin.

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