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Lose yourself in the magic of holiday moments and reach for the unique Advent Calendar INGLOT 12 Beauty Wishes. Bestow on your loved ones - friends, family or spoil yourself - after all, we all love gifts.
Check what products are hidden in the specially prepared dedicated box full of surprises.

Set contains:

Glow On 23 highlighter
8 ml / 0.27 US FL OZ

Get ready for a new dimension of glow that you'll get with Glow On Face Highlighter! Bet on perfectly illuminated skin, and thanks to pearly reflective pigments, enjoy the effect of three-dimensional glow. Apply the product to selected parts of the face if you care about strobe, or add a little highlighter to the cupid's bow and use it in your eye makeup to create a chic, metallic look.

Enriched with peach extract, the cream-gel formula ensures easy application and creates a pane effect on the skin, providing a unique glow. Regardless of whether you focus on subtle illumination or a mirror glow in makeup, Glow On Face Highlighter will allow you to create the effect you care about. The product works perfectly with makeup, and the brightening effect stays on for hours. Mix it with your favorite foundation, cream, or try it as a make-up base for radiant, healthy-looking and radiant skin. Remember to light up your collarbones and arms!
Don't be fooled by the small packaging of a travel size product. The highlighter properties, a wide range of applications and its performance will pleasantly surprise you. Take it with you on a journey around the world, or throw it into your purse - it works perfectly in all conditions!

Ultimate Day Protection Day Face Cream
10 ml / 0.33 US FL OZ

The innovative formula of the Ultimate Day Protection day cream enriched with marine glycogen provides protection against harmful electromagnetic radiation generated by cell phones. In addition, the hyaluronic acid and tsubaki oil contained in the product ensure that the skin is properly hydrated, making it taut and firm.

The product available in the travel size version means that even during the trip you do not have to give up your daily care rituals. Check available product thumbnails and select your travel set.

Intense Night Recovery night face cream
10 ml / 0.33 US FL OZ

Intensive skin care during sleep with the cream Intense Night Recovery. The cream, rich in active ingredients, will strengthen the condition of your skin and improve its appearance. Chia and strawberry oils have a beneficial effect on reducing the signs of aging, providing a long-lasting moisturizing and nourishing effect. Aloe extract with soothing properties gives a feeling of regeneration. Vitamin C evens out skin tone, masking slight discoloration.

The product available in the travel size version means that even during the trip you do not have to give up your daily care rituals. Check available product thumbnails and select your travel set.

Micellar Liquid (25 ml)
25 ml / 0.84 US FL OZ

Both a care expert and a newcomer looking for cosmetics suitable for their skin know perfectly well that the path to a beautiful complexion is through careful makeup removal, cleansing and toning. Micellar fluid will replace three steps to perfection with one that will take care of every aspect. The micelles contained in the composition act as a magnet for pollution, while leaving a pleasant feeling of hydration. The presence of babassu oil, betaine and saffron extract additionally enrich the product with care properties.

Take care of your complexion while removing makeup, gently removing even waterproof makeup. Forget about troublesome washing up of make-up under running water. A properly selected product formula means that Micellar Fluid will work well for people with dry, combination and oily skin. Including it in daily care will restore the skin's natural pH and improve its elasticity. Remember about regularity! Used during the morning toilet, it will moisturize the skin and prepare it for applying makeup. Used in the evening after a demanding day, it thoroughly cleanses makeup and cleanses the face, leaving a pleasant feeling of smoothing. To get rid of even the strongest, waterproof cosmetics, thoroughly soak a cotton pad and remove makeup with gentle, circular movements.

If you lead an intense lifestyle or travel frequently, choose Micellar Fluid in a smaller capacity package. Take the bottle with you to the gym to thoroughly cleanse your face of unnecessary makeup before intense physical exertion. Take care of your skin also when traveling, without the risk of exposing it to changes associated with varying degrees of water hardness.

Practical in use Micellar Liquid will make everyday care your favorite ritual, not an unpleasant necessity. The wealth of ingredients will allow you to enjoy the feeling of moisturized and healthy-looking skin.

1.7 g / 0.06 US OZ

The Freedom System eye shadow line of over 50 colors in a shimmering AMC Shine version. An interesting combination of color with shimmering, reflective particles ensures an original, iridescent finish. The velvety formula allows easy application and prevents shadows from smudging and reflecting, or accumulating in skin creases.

1.7 g / 0.06 US OZ

An 80-color collection of matt pressed eye shadows in the revolutionary Freedom System. Highly pigmented they provide excellent coverage and intense, long-lasting color. The velvety formula allows easy application and prevents shadows from smudging and reflecting, or accumulating in skin creases.

Nail polish 082

8 ml / 0.27 US FL OZ

An extremely colorful collection of nail polishes with a classic shiny finish. Available in a wide range of colors, from transparent shades providing a subtle glow, through fresh pastels, to highly pigmented formulas in juicy colors.

Sleeks 25 lip gloss
5.5 ml / O.18 US FL OZ

Sleeks lip gloss with glistening flecks will provide the effect of full gloss. The collection includes both delicate, subtle shades as well as expressive semi-transparent colors ideal for any occasion. Lip glosses contain vitamin E with moisturizing properties.

LipSatin 310 lipstick
4.5 g / 0.16 US OZ

A sensual line from deep nude shades, through bold purple, burgundy to reds necessary in every purse. The silky smooth cream formula of the lipstick perfectly covers and softens the delicate skin of the lips leaving a feeling of nourishment and regeneration. Rich in emollients and special pigments, it provides a satin finish, making the lips fuller and their contour clearly highlighted. The composition based on vitamin E, cherry, argan, apricot and coconut oil smoothes, improves elasticity and hydration, and protects against external factors.

Professional blush applicator Pro Blending Sponge Mini

Professional Mini INGLOT undercoat applicator provides highly precise application of liquid and creamy INGLOT products. Thanks to its compact size, it easily reaches hard to reach parts of the face. Perfect for applying makeup bases or foundations, ensuring a flawless finish.

Hypoallergenic product, latex free.

Small orange file

Flexible and durable nail file perfect for both professionals and for everyday use. Medium grain thickness suitable for nail care for both hands and feet. Perfect for travel.

FREEDOM SYSTEM [1] Square / Mirror box

The Freedom System box is an ideal solution for people who value functionality and comfort. Handy, magnetic box allows you to compose your own palette of products and colors.
The main feature of Freedom System Cassettes is the possibility of their multiple use - after using the product you only need to replace the cartridge.

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