Stylish and handy rose-gold case contains 7 necessary brushes for face and eye makeup. Brushes made of the highest quality synthetic bristles enable the application of products with a cream and powder formula.

Perfect for a gift. Easy to take on a journey. Irreplaceable in everyday makeup.

The kit includes (from the right):

1. Dedicated to the application of loose, pressed powder and to shape the face. It works perfectly with bronzing powders. The fluffy bristles of the brush provide the effect of a natural, soft finish in makeup.

2. Properly profiled, cut brush bristles mean that face contouring has never been so easy! Using a wide brush side, spread the modeling powder just under the cheekbone, and then rub the cosmetic in circular motions. The brush is also great for applying blush!

3. Multifunctional brush, irreplaceable in face makeup. Suitable for both blush and highlighter. You can apply light bases and foundations with it, perform facial modeling or apply powder locally.

4. A large eye makeup brush that allows easy and quick application of a base shadow.
Can be used as a concealer brush, including under eye concealer.

5. Classic eye makeup brush. Provides precise application. Especially recommended for shades with intense pigmentation.

6. Universal brush for eye makeup. By applying shadows with circular motions, you get the effect of perfect smokey eyes. The fluffy brush is perfect for blending.

7. Precisely profiled brush for drawing lines. It also allows the application of eyebrow makeup products.

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