Cosmetic brush of the Polish brand Hakuro. Used to apply cosmetics with a liquid or creamy consistency and mineral cosmetics. The brush is especially recommended for blending eyeshadows. H67 was made of the highest quality synthetic in brown and white. Flexible bristles, appropriately flexible, are arranged in a slightly flattened cap. The advantage of synthetic bristles is the lack of absorbency of liquid cosmetics. It allows for precise application of the corrector on small parts of the face, without leaving unsightly streaks. The handle is made of wood, painted black and matte. It fits perfectly with the tip. The brush is easy to maintain and care for. Even in the least experienced hands, it allows you to achieve amazing results, because thanks to it the application of cosmetics is fast and very simple.

The H67 brush is longer and narrower than the H64 brush.


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About brand HAKURO

Hakuro more than professional brushes.