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A deep moisturizing cream with ceramides that keeps the skin moisturized for 72 hours.

Ceramides are the "cement" of the intercellular epidermis, protecting it against water loss on the one hand, and against the harmful effects of the external environment on the other. With age and under the influence of stress, unfavorable external factors, the amount of ceramides in the skin decreases, which is why it is so important to refill them.
Cream with a high content of ceramides, cholesterol and fatty acids moisturizes the skin, acts as an anti-wrinkle, strengthens the natural protective barrier of the skin and protects against adverse effects of the external environment (UV radiation, cigarette smoke, free radicals). The product restores to normal the content of water in the skin and accelerates its regeneration.

The cream does not contain harmful ingredients for the skin. It is a mild product that does not contain talc and mineral oils. The product was also not tested on animals. The cream is suitable for sensitive skin as it does not cause irritation.

Capacity: 60ml

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