Cleanse and fortify damaged, lifeless tresses with this energizing PHYTO shampoo.

This treatment shampoo formula provides a boost of energy to brittle, dehydrated or chemically processed strands. It is designed to restructure damaged hair and enhance the health and vitality of your mane. The formula contains natural and botanical ingredients that address the needs of lifeless tresses and stimulate microcirculation to promote healthy growth.

The natural ingredients in this shampoo create beautiful, strong hair.

Reverse damage caused by chemical processes with this PHYTO shampoo containing ingredients like egg yolk, cornflower extract, rum and provitamin B5, to stimulate microcirculation and healthy growth, revitalize the hair fiber, moisturize, strengthen, soften hair and add shine. This formula contains no parabens, synthetic dyes, petrochemicals or phthalates, which makes the shampoo ultra-gentle to aid in building strong hair. It is best-suited for ultra-day or chemically processed hair, but should not be used on extra-fine manes.

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