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Are you looking for a versatile product, which can cut down the time it takes to create a manicure and will provide a beautiful colour? Then, Mineral Base is a thing just for you! Why?

Because it can be used as a classic base coat for Gel Polish manicure or as a 3in1 product. Yes, Mineral Base coat can work as a 3 different product at the same time: base coat, colour and top coat!

With a help from this product, you'll be able to create a manicure in just 45 minutes. You'll be amazed by a delicate, natural colour and amazing glossy finish without any top coat. Yes, this base coat has not only power to colour but also to shine! You have to check it out!

Mineral base can easily replace polish!

Mineral Base Blush is the sweetest of 4 available shades – it has a colour of a warm pink, that creates an adorable and girly effect. Take care of the comfort and pace of your work with Mineral Base.

Fun Fact. Mineral Base provides a 75% opacity. They are thinner that Protein Base – the application is a breeze and the product will not spill on the cuticles. Check out other shades: Porcelain, Natural, Sensual Skin.

Curing time 30-60 seconds

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