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Meet my breakthrough anti-ageing balm for a dewy, younger-looking pout. Its hi-tech formula combines magical natural ingredients to create a powerful moisture-sealing, protective barrier plus long-term lip healing benefits.

Testing found Lip Magic to have an unparalleled ability to not only protect the skin, but to strengthen the creation of new cells, while reducing water loss by 34 per cent. The result is baby-soft, smooth, pert lips – lines are reduced, while dryness and chapping are soothed. Lip Magic also creates a nourished base that’s perfect for lipstick. Unlike other balms, it actually works with your lipstick, whether matte or cream, for a perfect application and sustained colour.

The key ingredient is Propolis – a resinous elixir created by honeybees to protect the lining of the beehive with magical healing powers. It can be used to treat ailments from sore throats to cold sores, and to boost the immune system.

This is combined with natural wonders and youth-boosting actives, including:

• Hyaluronic acid, which fills out lines for plumper, fuller lips.

• Vitamin E, a free radical-fighting antioxidant.

• Argan oil, which boasts intense moisturisation and healing properties.

• A triple blend of jojoba seed oil, olive oil and helianthus seed oil to moisturise and seal the skin from external aggressors.

• Shea butter, one of the richest and most nourishing emollients around.

• Beeswax to naturally condition the lips.

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